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Specialty Clinics

Coach & Team Specialty Clinics

These clinics are designed for athletes, parents and coaches to gain as much information, in the allotted time, as possible.  For an additional fee, coaches can receive clock hours for most clinics attended.  We help you decide exactly what you would like us to teach and then we design a program to individually accommodate your needs.

Our Specialty Clinics include, but are not limited to:

    *        Beginning / Advanced Weight Lifting Clinic
    *        Advanced Olympic / Power Lifting Clinic
    *        Foot Speed & Agility Clinic
    *        Core Training & Stability Clinic
    *        Youth Soccer Conditioning Clinic
    *        Youth Lacrosse Conditioning Clinic
    *        Track & Field Throwing Clinic
    *         "Separation Rhythm" Training Clinic

All of the travel costs previously listed on the Private Technical Sessions page still apply, per staff member!

Fees for Specialty Clinics are as follows:

Minimum charge  $400.00

Maximum 8 hours of consecutive instruction in any given day!

This program is based upon 20 individuals attending at $20.00 per individual.

The host school, business or individual can charge what ever they wish, as long as they can meet the minimum $400.00 fee, plus travel requirements.

A 40% donation will be given to the host on all monies paid to Lexcaliburs, above and beyond clinic fees and expenses.


If a Specialty Weight Lifting Clinic was put on at Clark Community College, in Vancouver, Washington, and the Lexcaliburs staff taught weight training techniques to 100 students, parents and coaches, if the College charged $20.00 per head,  this is how the pay out would work.

Lexcaliburs would receive $500.00 for their services and travel expenses.  The remaining $1,500.00 would be split, 40% to the college and 60% to Lexcaliburs.  In this case the final numbers would show:

Clark College -- $600.00                Lexcaliburs -- $1,400.00

Phone consultation required!
Request a Clinic

Clinics need to be booked at least 60 days in advance.
Cancelation within 30 days from scheduled date, a 50% cancelation fee will be charged.

For more information contact: workoutwisely@lexcaliburs.com

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