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Private Technical Sessions

A Private Technical Session includes:

One staff member teaching up to 6 athletes, technical and rhythmical skills to enhance performance.

The cost of this service is based rated at $50.00 per hour for 1 athlete.  This service is for no more than 4 consecutive hours in any given day!  If more hours are required, daily specialty clinic rates are available on the Specialty Clinics page!


1 athlete --  

$50.00 per hr.

2 athletes --

$70.00 per hr.

  3 athletes --

$95.00 per hr.

 4 athletes --

$110.00 per hr.

 5 athletes --

$125.00 per hr.

6 athletes --

$140.00 per hr.

Keep in mind, the more athletes, the less time for individual attention!

Prices are based on the athlete coming to our training areas!


If our staff members come to you, the rates are as follows:

If staff members are required to drive, the fees are:

Driving time charge, including fuel costs... $20.00 per hour. One way only!

If the staff members total time away from their base is more than 6 hours, a per diem charge of $20.00 will be added.

The per hour, per athlete charges mentioned above will still apply while the staff member is on site working with the athletes.

All staff members are required to fly, if the one way drive time is to exceed 4 hours. (special circumstances will be reviewed)  Clients are responsible for arranging or reimbursing the cost of Lexcalibur's air fare. 

If the staff member flies, they shall be granted $15.00 per hour for their flight time, one way only.  Applicable training costs and a $20.00 per diem fee.  

If an overnight stay is required, the host is in charge of making those arrangements or paying for the hotel accommodations.

The above mentioned fees are for travel within the continental United States.


The fees for international travel are as follows:

Clients are responsible for arranging or reimbursing the cost of Lexcalibur's air fare. 

Flight fees… $15.00 per hour one way

All training costs increase by 10%

$70.00 per day per diem

The hosts will be required to house the staff member with acceptable accommodations or pay for the hotel accommodations!


Any group larger than 6 athletes and requiring more than 4 consecutive hours of training in the same day, will fit into our team rated programs!  These programs are detailed on our Specialty Clinics pages under the heading of, Team Specialty Clinics!

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