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Lexcaliburs is a Custom Sports Specific Training and Conditioning Business, specializing in Superior Quality Athletic Performance. At Lexcaliburs, we design programs for both individuals & teams, based upon 3 primary criteria: your Goals, your Genetics and your Bio Mechanical Abilities. We design these programs for the widest possible range of clients. From the client concerned with overall fitness & wellness, to the athlete wishing to enhance their chances of receiving that coveted college scholarship.

For us to design the best individualized program for you, each client is asked to fill out informational and psychological evaluation forms. The information gathered from these forms will enable Lexcaliburs to deeply profile the individual, giving us the ability to find the clients "Passions", and associate their program around those passions.

We also offer seminar and motivational instructors, specialty clinics and team programs, as well as a host of other services. Please take the TIME to see what Lexcaliburs has to offer you.

We can help you make a difference in your life!

"If it is to be, it is up to me!"


Lex at the 1992 Olympic Trials

About CEO Lex Strom

Lex was a scholarship field & track athlete for Eastern Washington University. Even before earning his degrees, he was hired by the athletic department as the strength and conditioning coach for several of Eastern's sports teams.

Lex holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Physical and Industrial Education, Exercise Physiology and Bio Mechanics. Lex is also a Certified Personal Trainer, a Nationally Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Seminar Instructor and Motivational Speaker.

Lex competed in the 1992 U.S. Olympic Track and Field trials in both the discus and the hammer, also qualifying in 1996 to repeat that feat. Lex's highest ranking was #6, in the U.S. hammer event,  "Track & Field News". 

Lex is also an annual featured instructor at the finest throwing camp in the United States, "The Ironwood Throwing Camp".

Lex's 25 plus years of athletic experience, training and education gives him the very unique ability to identify the drills & skills, as well as the visualization and motivational tools best suited for the individuals advancement toward their goals.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to share my philosophies & experience on weight training, plyometric training, endurance & triathlon training, overall wellness & fitness training, weight loss, dynamic stretching, motivation, visualization and my newest focus "Separation Rhythm Training".

By detailing the above mentioned areas, I can profile an individual & design programs to full fill their needs down to the very last detail.

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