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Click to enlarge photoImage Concordia University Hammer Cage

Click to enlarge photoImage Clark College Discus Cage

Lexcaliburs designs and fabricates custom throwing facilities and protective cages.  Our innovative designs keep all of the force absorbing netting at least 5 feet away from any of the support poles.  Even the adjustable opening gates!  All of the net connection points are also protected from implement contact.  Netting can be either installed in a fixed position or can be made to be easily lowered to remove implements or repair or replace damaged netting.

Cages can be made from either one 1/4 inch thick mild steel or aluminum tubing.  A variety of netting  strengths are also available.  All cages are built to either national high school, USATF or IOC specifications.

All cages are custom built and can be shipped directly to your site.  A local contractor of your choice can simply  follow the step by step plans for assembly and installation.  Covered facilities also available.

If you wish to visit a Lexcaliburs design or fabricated throwing facility contact:
Concordia University, Portland, OR
Clark Community College, Vancouver, WA
Kalama High School, Kalama, WA
Skyview High School, Vancouver WA

Lexcaliburs also provides custom designed plans directly to the school or university.  This will allow the institutions to possibly fabricate and install their own Lexcaliburs throwing facility.


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